COGAIN is a network of excellence on Communication by Gaze Interaction. COGAIN integrates cutting-edge expertise on interface technologies for the benefit of users with disabilities. The network gathers Europe's leading expertise in eye tracking integration with computers in a research project on assistive technologies for citizens with motor impairments. Through the integration of research activities, the network aims to develop new technologies and systems, improve existing gaze-based interaction techniques, and facilitate the implementation of systems for everyday communication.

Special Theme: "Gaze Interaction - Methods and Best Practices" on August 19th (6h)

Eye Tracking technology is continuously evolving. In the past five years we have seen huge developments in wearable eye trackers, making them more comfortable, reliable, and easier to use. In parallel, AR and VR systems have also reached the consumer market. Combined, these two technologies create new possibilities for everyday gaze interaction applications.

We invite submissions that explore new gaze interaction strategies and gaze-aware applications that enhance current means of using AR and VR computing platforms, such as in attentive interfaces, gaming, augmented perception, and smart environment control.

More information on the integrated meeting on “Communication by Gaze interaction” can be found here:

Keynote lecture about "Eye movement as material for interaction design" given by Hans Gelllersen on August 21st

More information on the keynote lecture can be found here.

COGAIN Symposium 2017 on August 21st

The COGAIN Symposium at ECEM 2107 focuses on all aspects of gaze interaction, from general computer applications and gaze estimation systems to basic eye movement research that are related or might have impact on understanding and improving human communication with other humans and human interaction with machines. The symposium presents research that advances the state-of-the-art in these areas, leading to new capabilities in gaze interaction, gaze enhanced applications, gaze contingent devices, gaze tracking systems, eye movement data analysis, etc.

Submissions for this symposium can be made on the COGAIN page.