Become a sponsor of ECEM 2017

We cordially like to thank all companies and organizations who already are among the sponsors of the ECEM 2017 in Wuppertal.
ECEM is the largest eye movement conference in the world, attracting over 600 delegates and top international researchers from a broad range of research topics at the last conferences in Vienna, Austria in 2015, in Lund, Sweden in 2013 and in Marseille, France in 2011.
Your sponsorship of this excellent conference will be a strong statement about your organization’s expertise in and commitment to the field of Eye Movements, contributing to your image of being an important and innovative company in this field. Linking your company with ECEM 2017, and attending the conference, provides several benefits, such as targeted publicity to key agents in the field of Eye Movements, professional development of your staff, as well as opportunities for networking and business development.

Visibility and publicity: Sponsors will not only be featured on the ECEM 2017 website but are also an important part of the conference’s communication and design. Apart from the 600 expected participants, many more people will follow the conference to keep in touch with the newest developments in the area of Eye tracking.

Professional development: ECEM can help you to cross-fertilize ideas and knowledge between academics and professionals in different disciplines, like psychological, clinical, human factors and gaze interaction domains, for applied and basic research. Added to this blend of academic disciplines and professional fields, there will be numerous students and educators in the field of eye movement research attending the conference. By attending the conference, your staff will benefit from this source of inspiration and education, both in breadth and depth.

Networking and business development: ECEM will offer occasions and opportunities for networking with professionals and academics specialized in eye movement research and its development. Formal discussions during presentations, demos, and poster sessions, and more informal contacts during coffee and lunch breaks as well as while enjoying food and drinks at social events on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday evening, will help you get in touch with the right people that might be interested in creating new business with you and your company.

If you want to become a sponsor, please contact the organizers.

Sponsoring packages

We provide three packages:

  1. Large exhibition space (12 m²); prominent representation on the ECEM homepage and in printed conference materials; ad materials in conference bag
  2. Medium exhibition space (8 m²); significant representation on the ECEM homepage and in printed conference materials
  3. Small exhibition space (4 m²); modest representation on the ECEM homepage and in printed conference materials

Exhibition space is located in one of two interconnected seminar rooms central to the conference venue. Rooms are lockable (equipment can be left over night) and equipped with desks and chairs. In addition, coffee will be served in these rooms to further increase participants traffic.

All recipients of sponsor packages will have their logos permanently displayed on the conference web page, ordered by the extent of contribution. Clicking on the logos (as well as going through the menu item “sponsors”) will lead to a page that you can use to provide company and product information (10 MB reserved). Alternatively, we can just link to your company website.

Concerning the pricing options, please contact the organizers.

Event sponsoring

There will be three distinct events at ECEM, the welcome reception on Sunday, the conference dinner at the historical city hall as the main event on Monday, and an informal farewell party on Wednesday. Sponsoring opportunities are listed below and will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Item Availability
Opening reception (at university) Booked
Conference Dinner (historic city hall) - Catering Available
Conference Dinner (historic city hall) - Entertainment Available
Conference Dinner (historic city hall) - Venue Available
Beer Party (historic brewery) - Free beers/drinks Available
ECEM conference shirt Available
ECEM conference bag (with logo) Booked
ECEM lanyards (carrying name tags) Booked
ECEM pen with memory stick function Available
Poster competition/award Booked
Workshops/user groups (planned for Tuesday evening) Available (4 slots)

For further information, please contact the organizers.