Social events

August 21st - From 7pm (entrance starts at 6:30pm) - Social Evening at the Historical Town Hall of Wuppertal

The evening event includes two special highlights:

Magic performance: “Don’t look now – the scientific side of magic and illusion”
The evening event will feature a presentation by Johannes Lüchow, acclaimed magician and psychologist. He will illustrate how magicians make use of the fallacies of human perception to create astonishing illusions. Techniques of visual deception will be discussed in light of current research on topics such as change blindness and inattentional blindness. Get ready to experience a unique blend of science, insider knowledge and entertainment.

High class band: Club des Belugas
We are also extremely proud to present a world class band from Wuppertal, Club des Belugas, a Nu Jazz and Lounge formation with smash hits in the club music charts and millions of CD’s sold. They will play music suited to energize any conversation and fill the dance floor in no time. Our DJ will make sure it stays this way all night.

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August 23rd - From 8pm - Beer Party at the Brauhaus of Wuppertal
(Kleine Flurstraße 5, 42275 Wuppertal)

The party is free for everyone and we are looking forward to welcome as many of you as possible. We provide a limited amount of free beer, so it is worth coming early. A variety of typical food is available for purchase. We hofe you have a fantastic evening with nice conversations.

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