Route from Wuppertal HBf to Wuppertal University:

Either take bus line 603 (direction: Campus Freudenberg, Wuppertal) to station "Mensa", bus line 615 (direction: Friedrich-Ebert-Platz, Remscheid) to station "Universität" or bus line 645 (direction: Schulzentrum Süd, Wuppertal) to station "Universität"

Walking distance:

Route from Düsseldorf Airport to Düsseldorf HBF:

Either take RE 1 (direction: Aachen HBF; platform 4), RE 5 (direction: Koblenz HBF; platform 4), RE 6 (direction: Köln/Bonn Airport; platform 6) or S 1 (direction: Solingen HBF; platform 6)

Route from Düsseldorf HBF to Wuppertal HBF:

Either take RE 4 (direction: Dortmund HBF; platform 7), RE 13 (direction: Hamm, Westf.; platform 7) or S 8 (direction: Hagen HBF; platform 13)